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Dr. Julie

Clinical Psychologist

Stress Management 101:

Try to think differently about your body’s physical reactions:  Think of it as excitement and opportunity instead of a potential disaster and negative experience.

Train your body to assume ‘power positions,’ especially when you don’t ‘feel it.’  The classic victorious pose with arms  raised high, or the hands on hips wonder woman pose are two to try.

Remind yourself that the story you are telling yourself about your stressful situation may be more of a ‘fiction’ story than memoir.  Our thoughts are not always true!

Do something different. Often indecision and being immobilized are part of stress. Just doing something can help, no matter how small.

If possible, ruminate on a positive memory.  Maybe finding a picture on your phone, of a happy moment, and allowing yourself to daydream and remember that experience will give you the energy you need to  cope with the current stressful situation.

Read a book, listen to a podcast, watch a movie.  Immersing yourself in another story may give you enough of a break to re-charge and more successfully deal with the stress in you life.