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Dr. Julie

Clinical Psychologist

Healthy marriage tips:

When alone with each other, reminisce about the early stages of your relationship, and remind each other of what the initial attractions were to each other.

If resentments have built up, plan a time when you can ‘clear the air,’ and re-connect with the person you love, not the image of your partner you’ve been focused on, with the not so attractive qualities taking center stage.

Work on a project together, including the children if they are old enough to participate.  Building a sense of team, and ‘we-ness’ can help re-align your focus on each other, not the children.

Don’t always let children and their needs run your family.  You can say No.  Healthiest families have strong marriages at the center of their lives together.

Take a look at your lifestyle balance.  Leisure and Self-care are critical to bringing your best self into your marriage.  A spouse will disappoint, if expected to provide all the fun and care into your life.