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Dr. Julie

Clinical Psychologist

Connect better with your kids:

If possible, make hello/goodbye times technology-free zones.  There is no substitute for attention, and a heartfelt “I’m so glad to see you” when greeting your child/teen, and/or a phone call asking about their day.

Consider your balance of scheduled vs. unscheduled time, and prioritize finding opportunities to connect with them, as well as opportunities for your children/teens to connect with other adults.

Use their social media and virtual lives as a place for you to be curious and nonjudgmental (if possible).  It may open a door for them to be more transparent about their interests online.

Introduce rituals into your relationship.  Kids love the predictability of rituals, and may be more open to communication if you  make a regular kind of ‘ask’ at each meal.


Get to know your emotional triggers, and give yourself a time-out, and step away from the situation, if you can feel yourself moving from responding to reacting to your child/teen. Emotionally reacting can lead to words and actions  you may regret.